Epic Guide To Becoming A Famous Blogstar

You’re wanting to be a famous blogger with the godzilla size of an email list. You’re looking at your blog views and no one is reading the blog post about your happy puppy. The internet is getting more crowded at the speed of light and you’re feeling lost. What can you do? Keep reading.

I’ve got a game plan here (based on research) that could give you an idea of what a successful blogging strategy looks like. This post consist of email list growing, guest posting, and connection building. Make no mistake, it all starts with the list.

Let’s get started.

How To Grow Email List

When your list is pretty healthy, and it contains thousands of people, all it takes is one click. That click could retrieve traffic like thunder and have your views rolling like mighty waves.  But you must consider why anyone would even give you such sacred information such as an email address. You must consider the exchanging purpose in which they do this.

Here’s a few reasons why they would give you an email address:

  1. Stay connected with you
  2. Get amazing deals in real time
  3. Learn your strategies as you come out with them
  4. To download an amazing resource that is only available delivery via email

They must get something in return that will blow their mind. But how can you offer something to people who don’t even know you exist? You must get in front of a bigger audience and direct them back to you. You do this by guest posting.

Once you have guest posted with your link, the traffic will come, and your website will capture the emails. Hopefully your blog is built to do this. Once you capture those emails, now you have an audience. Do this every week and soon your traffic will gain speed.

How To Grow Email List With Guest Posting

You have heard about the power of guest posting I’m sure, but yet it’s not working for you. You’ve been guest posting, but you haven’t gotten anything in return. You know why? You didn’t research the blog you was writing for and the benefits it would bring.

You must get in front of big audiences to get big results. If you’re not getting 10-50 emails from the incoming traffic, you need to guest post for a bigger blog.

Example of good size blog:

  1. 300+ shares and above
  2. 50,000+ on email list
  3. 100,000 on Twitter

You determine size of a blog by it’s share numbers, number of comments, the size of email list and so forth. Remember people can buy fake followers, and lie about the size of the email list. If other big bloggers are talking about them, good chance the blogger has a large outreach.

Also don’t forget the epic Google tool: Google Trends.

With this tool you can get a feel of each blog’s power of outreach. It will also show the traffic power they have also.

Let’s go ahead and name some big sites in a list:

  1. LifeHacker
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Business Insider
  4. Forbes
  5. Mashable
  6. Problogger
  7. Search Engine Journal
  8. Smart Passive Income

These are some big blogs here. Yeah I know, I didn’t name them all, but this is to give you an idea of big blogs. Guess what they all have in common? The editor. If you can get to the editor and show your work, good chance you can write for them. That’s if your work is actually good.

Did I mention the hardest thing you can do when it comes to writing for big blogs? Getting to the editor:) Catch-22 I know. He’s not giving out his email to just anybody.

Their is many walls before you reach the editor also. These “walls” are in fact people, and they’re known as the contributors. Build connections with the contributors and soon you’ll have a path to the editor. How do you do this though? Based on Neil Patel’s experience and mine, this is what I came up with.

13 Steps To Becoming A Famous Blogstar

  1. Find your blog that you want to write for
  2. Find articles that are related to your niche
  3. Figure out who the contributors are
  4. Search the contributors name’s online
  5. Follow them
  6. Like and favorite their stuff (let them see your name)
  7. Email them when you find an article they write amusing
  8. Comment on their stuff
  9. Get them responding
  10. Ask to be introduced to the editor (1-2 months later)
  11. Wait for editor’s email
  12. Submit your article
  13. Become famous:)

This may look easy, but in reality it’s not. Most people don’t even get past step #9. That’s why you must follow many people.

It all comes down to research, patience, and pitch. After a while you’ll learn the gut feeling. When I say this, you will soon know when the right moment has arrived to pitch. Why? You’ve done it so many times before.

How Twitter Helps

On your mobile phone, with the Twitter app, you will have the option to favorite them. After you click “Follow” on their profile, a yellow star will pop up next to the follow button. Click it. You will now receive every tweet they make. I stay on top of these people I want to build connection with and this is a great way to do it. I favorite their tweets. I read their articles. I learn who they are. So when it’s time to write them an email, I include information only a friend would know. Information like where they live, their favorite hobby, favorite game, and favorite book. All of these things are keys to unlocking a friendship that will never die.

How Google Drive Helps

I also use Google drive to organize my plan. I open up a spreadsheet and start typing out the names I’m interested in following. Next to those names I’ll include their blog, social platforms, and etc.

Next to that column I put down my actions I have made, like how many comments I have made on their blog, how many times have I retweeted their stuff and so forth. I do this to show myself how much time I have invested in each person. You can also put down how many times they have responded.

Based on replies you can guess who would be in favor in helping you one day reach the editor. See each blogger as an account, a “time account”. Once you put enough time in that account you may soon be able to cash out. Cash out as in an interview, a guest post, or a connection to a major lead in business.

How money get involved

The benefits to landing on a huge blog is many. Besides traffic, growing the list, and recognition, you can also make money doing it. By writing for one company you may get a job with another. It’s happened to me. People pay $100-$300 per article based on content and who you are. I talk about this in my article How Your Blog Can Make Money With Zero Views.

On top of that, the traffic will rise and that’s when sponsorships and affiliate marketing comes to play.

Final Thoughts

Never before could you get paid to demonstrate your skills in which produces more clients for you. It’s amazing and I love it! But money shouldn’t be the main reason you write, it should be about solving problems for the reader. It should be about growing that email list!

Show that you have answers, and that you’re always there to help. By doing this in every blog post, you’re basically advertising your name and showing the world you have what it takes.

One day that traffic will turn into something larger than yourself. It will be a community who will forever take care of you. So don’t let money be the driving force, instead let the problems they face drive you. Let it drive you to solve those problems and to build one more connection today. That’s how you become the famous blogstar.