How to Embed Giveaway on a NON-WordPress Site

One of the much-requested features of our latest release is that now contest owners have the ability to embed their giveaway into a non-WordPress site.

While the giveaway is still managed from a WordPress backend, you can now display your giveaways on any platform. Here’s how it goes down:

  1. Download the Kingsumo plugin to your WordPress backend.

    Note: the easiest way to do this if you’re running your main website on another platform (like Squarespace, or Shopify) is to just create a subdomain for your WordPress site.

    >> Your primary website:
    >> Your WordPress website:

    Here are instructions for installing the plugin.
  2. Create your giveaway.

    Note: You won’t need to worry about Step 4 – the Design stage.

    Since you’ll be embedding just the giveaway onto your other site, the background image/additional images that are typically seen on a WordPress Giveaway Page won’t be visible.

    On a WordPress Site:   (showing logo + background image)  

    Embedded on another site: (showing only the giveaway)

  3. Publish your giveaway.

  4. Grab the embed code from the “Embed Code” section in the right sidebar of your giveaway editor.

    Note: Use the shortcode to embed the giveaway in a post on your wordpress site.
    Use the iframe code to embed the giveaway onto another site.

  5. Copy the appropriate embed code, and paste it into the HTML of the page on your website.

    For Squarespace: Insert a “Code” block, and paste the embed code in that box.

    For Shopify, switch to the HTML editor on the page or product where you wish to embed the giveaway:

  6. Adjust height as needed.

    The default height is 880px, but depending on the length of your contest description, you may want the iframe to be shorter or longer than 880px. You can edit this number directly in the embed code.

Voila! You’ve now embedded your giveaway onto a non-WordPress site!