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I'm Noah Kagan, one of the creators of KingSumo Headlines.

Like you, the success of my business depends upon how well I can promote my work through writing. It's a big investment. Some pieces, like the one I wrote just last week, take me over 30 hours to write.

After all that work, it's tempting to tack on the first headline that comes to mind. If you're like me, I just want to click "publish" and get it out there so I can await my retweets and likes.

It took me awhile to realize that by neglecting my headlines, I was also neglecting my business.

Did you realize that your title is the biggest determining factor of your writing's success?

It is the #1 reason people decide to buy your product, click to Tweet or share your content.

Whatever your opinion is of Upworthy or Huffington Post, you can't deny that they know how to produce attention-getting content. There's a reason for this: they know the power of headlines. That's why they write 25 headlines for every article they publish. And that's why they built a magic algorithm automatically tests which headline gets the most traffic.

Doesn't your business deserve this same technology?

What if you could increase your readership and grow your business by just installing a simple WordPress plugin?

That's why we created KingSumo Headlines.

I've been using Headlines on my own WordPress blog to help me optimize my own titles. As an example, here are the results from that post I mentioned earlier:

KingSumo Headlines WordPress Headline tool

By taking just three extra minutes to write a few more headlines, I was able to increase my traffic by 17.8% more than it would have otherwise gotten.

How does 20% or more traffic for three minutes of your time sound?

—Chief Sumo Noah

Introducing KingSumo Headlines: Automatic headline optimization for your WordPress blog

Headlines is the fast and easy way to select and present your best headline for every post — driving your blog more inbound traffic. Doesn't your blog deserve the same tools that the web's biggest publishers use?

Watch how KingSumo Headlines works...

Bryan Eisenberg
I have to tell you and willing to go on record that Headlines is the one paid plugin every content producer must invest in. Bryan Eisenberg, Online Marketing Pioneer

Headlines works in 3 quick steps.

Step 1

Write as many titles as you can feasibly think of for your WordPress post.

Step 2

Different titles are shown to visitors when they share your post with others.

Step 3

Over time, the best-performing title is shown to maximize your traffic.

Bryan Harris
Headlines = Money. It took less than 60 seconds to setup and produced a 22% increase of traffic on the first post. Best tool out there to instantly increase your traffic. Bryan Harris, VideoFruit

Awesome Features

Set it and forget it.

Headlines automatically rotates through all the titles you added for a post. Then, based on the inbound traffic from each title, it automatically prioritizes the one that gets you the most traffic. It's that simple.

A constantly-learning algorithm, even for your old posts.

KingSumo Headlines is always working on every post for your blog. It learns over time to understand which headlines perform better for your writing style and readers, and will even optimize old posts to take advantage of shifts in organic search traffic. We don't forget the long tail.

Go beyond standard A/B testing.

Headlines is not your typical A/B test. It’s backed by algorithms that allow you to test multiple variations without worrying about sample size, testing duration, or statistical significance. Our servers are constantly working behind the scenes to finely tune your results as we get them.

SEO-friendly. Works with Google.

We don't mess with your permalinks — they never change, unless you change them yourself. Headlines adds a short parameter (or querystring) to your URLs for tracking. It's harmless — your links continue to work even if you completely stop using Headlines. The only thing on your pages that change will be the copy inside of your H1 tag, as well as the headline copy that people share.

No more calculators, calendars, or spreadsheets.

It’s truly set it and forget it. Just enter as many headlines as you want to test and you’re done. Headlines does the rest for you, growing your website leaving you to focus on your content.

Headlines Stats

Key insights.

Detailed, inline reports show you how your titles are performing relative to each other. You'll instantly be able to tell which title performs better.

Bryan Harris
KingSumo Headlines is like getting free traffic. On one post alone, it got me a 1700% increase! I didn’t even have to touch the post again. Very glad we built this! Noah Kagan, OkDork

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get at least 20% more traffic on your posts or return KingSumo Headlines for a full refund.
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