12 reasons why you should do a giveaway

Giveaways are important and people love them. If you ever get a wildfire going, you can’t stop it, and that’s a good thing when it comes to brand exposure. The power of referral is the gas to the task and if you do it right, people will come. They’ll join and possibly even buy from you one day. That’s the power of the giveaway. But let’s say you’re not convinced. Let’s say you think that the whole thing is total sham.

You think that it will not work because you’re attracting the wrong kind of people. Or that it gives you a bad image. Whatever reason that maybe, I want to blow it out of the water and share with you my reasons why you should in fact do a giveaway.

1. You get more exposure for cheaper

People love giveaways and naturally will share it with softwares such as King sumo. Full of excitement these guys will share and talk about it. Emotions are how humans spread a message.

2. It gives you a great self image (a giver)

Anytime you give to an atmosphere it comes back. It’s just laws of nature and the more you do it the more good that will come back. So even if you don’t make a single cent during the campaign, something good will come out of it. A good image is priceless and a giveaway can in fact help you with that.

3. People love winning free stuff

This one is self explanatory, but people love the idea of getting something for nothing. Actually ran a test here during this article. For whatever reason, people randomly type “free” into Google. I guess to see what’s free out there? Not free iPad or free smartphone, but just the word “free”. Here’s how many do that:


 4. A cool way to launch a podcast, blog etc.

It’s been a marketing strategy for a while but businesses are starting to do it. I’ve even see some major restaurants (like Zaxby’s) just giveaway meals to everyone the first week or so. In the middle of city. So thousands of dollars were being spent in free food. But guess what? That restaurant has more customers now than they know what to do with.


5.You can grow your email list with one

A guy grew his email list up to 200k emails with Kingsumo and he’s doing very well with his nice email list. It’s a great way to build traffic and grow profits.

6. More people will share this than a blog or a product page

Blogs are important because they attract traffic, but if you want to put a match to it. Consider doing a giveaway. You can usually get twice the exposure with a giveaway than a blog post and sometimes way more than that.

7. Shows you how demanding your prize (your product) is

You know iPads are in high demand, because giveaways explode when you offer them. What about your product though? How much is it in demand? Consider doing a giveaway, it will show you how demanding it is. You base this on the response that you get.

8. You’re rewarding your community

If you have a blog, people feel grateful when you give back. Everyone community needs high maintenance and if you don’t take care of them, they’ll soon fall off. If your open rates are falling, and comments are fading, consider a giveaway. This really helps with that.

9. Engagement will rise with you and potential customers

With emotion comes engagement and very crucial when building connection with our customers. According to Inc, 6 emotions can make that happen. You will be engaging many emotions with a giveaway and that’s nothing but good for you if done right.

10. Gives you another backlink to your site

By creating a page that is linked by others with a flow traffic, it could definitely help with rankings. As more people share, and more people come to visit, the more links that will be made.

11. It’s a great way to gather leads as a local business also

If you’re trying to gain exposure this is a great way to do it. As people are exposed to your brand it brings questions. Half the battle is simply showing that exist. Giveaways help with this to get you out there. Some even do monthly giveaways for this reason. If you’re a local company looking to attract leads, offer your service as a giveaway. For every email you collect, consider that person as a lead. You turn that email into a lead by sending it valuable information over a period of time.

12. Helps you learn your target audience

As your email list grows from the giveaway you will notice your audience. Soon they will read your blog and comment. They will be emailing you and telling you about their problems. Soon you will know their voice and who they are. When you know your audience the rest falls into place.

Another thing about giveaways is that it shows you how accepting the world is of your product and company. If you can’t get people to sign up for a free product, how will you get them to sign up for a paid product? So consider these reasons when debating to do a giveaway. They work and it could give you the boost you’re needing. What’s stopping you from doing a giveaway now?